setting up a class is easy

Find a space in the timetable that suits your needs, making sure you allow enough time to arrive and depart. Minimum class time is 1 hour but we split time thereafter down by 30 minutes.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or call us to find out more.

which room is best?

MMAB comprises two distinct, separate training areas with communal kitchenette changing areas and toilet. The first-floor room is classic matted Judo making it ideal for throwing arts.

The ground floor is ‘hard matted’ which suits Personal Training, Yoga, Gymnastics and Zumba.

simple pricing

We offer each room separately at £12/hour or you can take the full building for £24/hour.   

Compare that to local community and sports centres with no mats or equipment ready to use. Less fuss. More time training.

For more information check out our FAQ page.

MMAB helped me to establish a Judo class and take it from two students to 26. A great bunch of people who trip over themselves to help. We owe them so much for their help.

Bob Champion

Chairman, The Best Arts Budo

A great place to tech with the facilities you will need. I wish I had heard about MMAB years ago when i was still trying to run classes in draft community centres.

Brenda Biggins

Chairman, Total Combat