Taking a class

I’m interested in a class, what next?

The ‘enquiry’ button on the timetable is linked to each club’s webpage so you can contact them individually. You are also free to turn up at the time the class is running and speak to the instructor.

Can I have a look around?

Of course. Arrange a time with the instructor directly by following the ‘enquiry’ link next to the class timetable or call MMAB when the class is running. You can also email via the contact page and we will forward your enquiry.

Starting a new class

What if I need more than an hour?

Time slots [classes] are booked for a minimum of an hour with half-hour slots thereafter. Book exactly the time you need to arrive, change, hold the class, change, tidy-up and leave. In many cases someone else will have a class before or after yours.

What about insurance or liability?

You need to carry out your own risk assessment of the space and hold all the necessary insurance or accreditations to teach the class. A copy of these will need to be provided for our records. We’re happy to talk that through with you.

Can use the space as a one off?

Yes, we can accommodate uses on an individual basis. The charge is £20/hour per room with a £50 refundable deposit.

Can I use the space for a kids party?

We are happy to consider all uses and be flexible about how we manage. Consideration needs to be given to liability and risk etc. as we’re not a managed / supervised space. You will also need to book enough time to clean up after. Best thing to do is call us to discuss.

What if my class over-runs?

You cant arrive early or overrun because of other classes. Consider the time you need when you book your slot. If you need time to set up or pack up – book an extra half hour before and after your advertised class time.

Is there a formal agreement

There is a ‘plain English’ agreement which both parties sign, but it’s not complicated. It clearly sets out the terms of use and what’s expected from us and you. It’s also about securing your slot in the timetable for the next year so we can manage enquiries and budget. If you decide not to continue at any point – there are no hard feelings.

How can we help?

How can we help?

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out via the box below, drop us an email or call during mat times to speak to an instructor.

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Can't see a class you like?

Email us with suggestions and we'll see if we can make it happen.